Hit the Bricks is looking to cast a particular role. Here are some details about the character:

Character Name: Louise Loughlin
Ethnicity: Black American
Gender Identity: Cis Female

Age: Mid-teens
Bio: Louise is Jessi’s best friend back in California. Louise has a giant heart and is, as Jessi puts it, “The Nicest Person That’s Ever Existed Ever.” Louise’s disposition is friendly and warm, and her heart is a little broken about her best friend moving so far away. Still, Louise checks in on Jessi from time-to-time as a reminder of the home she left behind.
You must be over 18-years-old, and non-union to audition
. You must be a Black American. Rate is $50 USD an episode. If you don’t fit this bill, don’t worry! Our open auditions are still open to everyone! Many roles will be open to any gender identity or race, but some will be written with specific identities in mind (in particular, people of color and people outside the gender binary). As such, we have fields that ask about those identities, but you can put that you prefer not to say if it makes you uncomfortable. 

If you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York, we may be able to assist you with recording if you land the role but for the most part, we expect to hire remote actors with their own recording set up. Your audition should be representative of the highest quality you can achieve on your own. 

Please send your audition and the completed fields to, subject: (YOUR NAME) Hit The Bricks Louise Audition. It is 100% okay if you have no prior experience in audio dramas. 

Details to disclose


 You are encouraged to show your range, and not just read but perform the parts. We are looking for sincerity above all. You may send us up to three takes of this passage.

Audition Text

Louise: Hey Jessi! It's me, Louise. (Lousie realizes that Jessi has caller ID and already knows this) Um...duh. Anyway, I miss you already and just wanted to see how your big move was. Send me some pictures of the new pad! (She hesitates) Um. I stopped by your place today to pick up my things that I'd lent you, like you asked. Your dad was outside setting up the "For Sale" sign. He looked horrible. (She gets flustered) Um. I don't know why I'm telling you that. Sorry. I just figured that if it were my dad... Sorry. I'm gonna try to re-record and-(Call runs out of time).